A downloadable Bombana Split for Windows

A 2D puzzle plateformer made during a game jam.

You play as a banana and you have to solve puzzles using different blocks to reach the level's end, avoiding the explosion of the bomb. You have three differents type of blocks and you can use each ones only a precise amount of time determined by the level. Use them to prevent dying by falling, pikes, or even flamethrowers. Yet, be carefull, you only have a precise amount of time to analyse the level, put your blocks on it, and then solving it but precing "play" to make the Banana run!

Team :

Matthieu Mignon : Producer 

Elias Bennour : Programmer 

Albane Molière  : Programmer

Maxime Giuggia : Producer 

Paul Meyer : Game Artist 

Audrey Amiable : Associate Producer, Game and Level Designer

Paul Gaffney : Game Artist 

Robin Psaila : Game Designer

Paul Leduc : Game and Level Designer 

Eliott Limer : Game Artist 

Install instructions

First build named "bombana_split_build.rar" is 100% working, but might encounter some issues.

Build named "build3_5" is patched but is not 100% stable.

Thank for your download.


Build3_5.zip 19 MB


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As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Thank you for your video! We really hope you've had a great time playing the game :)