A downloadable game for Windows

You need to be 3 players to play.

One player will be THE Moople while the 2 others are hunters, playing as sights . The goal is simple, the Moople have to hide in a crowd full of fake Mooples, the Hunters while have to find the good one, and shot it! If you achieve to shoot the right Moople, the roles will change, you'll play the Moople, while the old one will take your place as a hunter.

To escape and survive, you'll have a special power : you can summon clones of yourself ! But be carefull with that, they might find you if you spawn to much around you.

To win, you'll have to stay alive as the Moople for 45 secondes. Pretty simple isn't it ? We can guarantee that it's much easier to say than to do. Moople, grab your clones, Hunters, grab your guns, and let's play!


Moop.rar 22 MB
bootleg-20190927T214343Z-001.zip 22 MB

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